A billboard advertisement is a viable approach to physical marketing. It can attract many local people and get your message across effectively. A billboard is also a considerable investment, especially for smaller businesses. This means you need to get your message across as well as possible by attracting attention which will transfer into a solid ROI. The following are solid tips on how to do just that.

Light It Up

LED lights display

If you really want to grab people’s attention, you should invest in an LED lights display for your billboard. This will make the actual message light up and make it more visible at night. Depending on the area, the hours after the sun has gone down could be very busy hours. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to expose your brand to this audience.

Keep it Simple

A billboard is not a commercial. You don’t need a lot of detail, and, in fact, it works better if you don’t include too much. You need one main subject item to catch people’s attention. Your billboard should get your message across in under twenty seconds, which is about the time someone driving past would dedicate to it.

Make It Catchy

Although your signage should be simple, it also needs to be catchy. This helps to (A) grab people’s attention, and (B) keep your brand in the mind of potential customers. Bold letters, interesting phrases, unique ideasÂ… anything which will stand out in the minds of your target audience.

Location, Location, Location

Finally, when you invest in a billboard you want to ensure it is placed in the highest traffic area you can afford. Placing an advertisement on a deserted stretch of high may cost next to nothing, but you will also see little (if any) return on investment.